Recent Work

The latest additions to the Action Security Iron lineup! Check back frequently to see the newest products or follow us on Facebook!


This custom plasma cut design was installed in March 2013 but we just had this photo sent in by the customer! This design started life as an "Aspan Arched" but elements from the sidelight on the home were incorporated to make this truly a custom design. Thanks for the photo!


At first glance, this is just another black gate but upon closer inspection, the many details can be seen. This gate features a double opening, an arched top, a split collar layout, "puppy-pickets" on the bottom portion as well as a bottom rail that follows the brick around the home for an ultra clean look. All of this is coupled with a Matte Black powder coat. Installed August 2014.


These doors are the ultimate in storm doors. These doors feature our top-of-the-line pre hung frames with pin-style hinges. The full-view glass with interchangeable screen makes allowing light and air into this Sterling, Colorado home an easy task. The custom Rustler Red powder coat complements the red steel roof and outdoor accents perfectly! These come just in time for fall with their recent installation in early August 2014.


An  upclose shot of  door of a finishing touch on a Signature storm door. This shows the flat strips of steel welded to the front of the door with faux nails to give this door an "old-barn" look but with the ultra modern construction found in every Action Security Iron door. The door made its way onto its permanent home in early August 2014.


An upclose shot of the scroll work found on our Tuscan V2. These scrolls are formed from 1/2" round stock and feature fishtailed ends. These elements coupled with an Oil Rubbed Bronze powder coat yield an absolutely stunning door. This particular example was installed in July 2014.


Don't let all of these photos of security doors fool you, our Albuquerque location is a full-service iron manufacturing facility! Custom made, powder coated, compound-rolled handrail ... no problem!


 A newly install enclosure for joins our custom lineup. This is the first of this clean and elegant design but it will surely not be the last! This would go great in the mountains of Colorado!

Custom Arched Banded Door

Another flavor of steel security door! This door is over 40" wide and features an arched top. Additionally, an insulated glass panel was permanently fixed to the top portion. The rectangular middle section features interchangeable screen and glass panels. This all steel security door features many options and is still just a brief taste of what Action Security Iron has to offer!


Even the "typical" wrought iron is not typical. We are the only company to offer all steel 4" primary frames!


The newest trend in wrought-iron! While the appearance is that of highly-lacquered wood, the actual product is all steel. Through the use of a hydrodip process and high-gloss powder coat clear coat, the result is an elegant and maintenance-free gate that will last a lifetime.

A close up look at our banded style. Each grid intersection in wrapped twice by hand with solid steel material for a one-of-a-kind look!

Shown here is a closeup view of our banded-style. Each intersection is wrapped twice by hand by a solid steel band. The resulting look is that of an old-world style.