Door Options

An Action Security Iron door has an endless number of options that can be added to nearly any design.

Lever Handle and Deadbolt Locks. The days of bright brass locks on every door are a thing of the past. Our doors come standard with an Aged Bronze lever handle and deadbolt. We are Schlage dealers so whether you want to match the Schlage levers currently on your home or integrate an electronic lockset in your new security door; we can help. The team members at Action Security Iron can incorporate hardware from other lock manufacturers or hardware you have sourced yourself into nearly any door.

Dexter JH59-SEV-RH

Commercial-Style Door Closer

If the standard door closer is not your style, our commercial-style door closer is the option! This contains the entire closer assembly tightly in the upper corner of the door. The action of these units is incredibly smooth. This is also available with hold open feature. When the door is opened to 90 degrees, it is held open. As soon as the door is given a slight-push the door is closed.

Tinted Glass. Security glass, or more specifically tempered glass, has become a standard in the security door industry. We have taken it a step further. We offer tinting to your glass for an added level of privacy and heat reduction as well as style. Our different glass colors are shown below.

Swinging Glass. By popular demand, we are pleased to offer swinging glass. This feature allows your screen panel to remain permanently in your door. The glass swings separately from the security door allowing you to let air through your home without ever completely removing the glass panel. This is especially convenient on 8foot tall doors. Pictures of this feature are coming soon!