Your home should be a haven for the people you love and the things you value. If you operate a business, your offices, stores, and other commercial buildings should stay protected round-the-clock. High-quality security solutions are necessary for your well-being and success. At Action Security Iron, our main products are security doors, gates, fences, and other features that significantly improve safety in your home and business. We also have the expertise to fabricate a variety of iron products for ornamental purposes. Our work is durable and beautiful, and we can readily customize what we make to fit your needs and preferences. If you live near Albuquerque, N.M. or Littleton, Colo., don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your security needs and aesthetic vision for your home or business. Why do you need security doors for your home and business? Intruders search for vulnerabilities in homes and commercial buildings. Doors are among the most prominent targets. To gain illegal entry, criminals will attempt to pick locks, force the door open, or try other ways to break it down. Even if you live or work in a low-crime neighborhood, you’re never completely safe from intruders. You never know when you might get targeted. A security door gives you additional peace of mind. When you’re in your home at night, alone or with your family, the door offers an extra layer of security. When you’re away for work or on vacation, you know you’re receiving additional protection. Powerful security is multi-layered. Even if you have an alarm system, remember that an alarm won’t physically keep people out. Neither will a sophisticated surveillance system. A strong security door reduces the chances of intruders breaking in and quickly perpetrating a crime. Your security door complements any other protections you have, including outdoor lighting, cameras, and unbreakable window glass. In New Mexico or Colorado, you may live in a well-populated neighborhood or in relative isolation. Maybe your home or business is set up on a large property on remote land. Or maybe it’s near a road that receives a significant volume of traffic. Regardless of where you’re located, you benefit from the protection of a high-quality security door. What are the qualities of a powerful security door? When choosing a security door for your home or business establishment, it’s important to avoid products that appear impressive but are poorly made. The following are some of the qualities you should look for in a security door. A good fit. A costly error that people make when installing a security door is their failure to fit it properly into the entryway. A door that doesn’t fit well leaves a gap that allows intruders to pry it open. A standard door is 36 inches wide and 80 inches in height. But the reality is that doors often vary from the standard, sometimes only by an inch in each dimension and other times by more than that. We design doors that fit precisely into the entryways of your home or business. Powerful locks. A strong lock gives intruders tremendous difficulty when they try to breach your home. They can’t pick the lock, smash it, drill it off, or tamper with it in other destructive ways. The locks we use are secured seamlessly to a steel piece within our doors. We give you the option of choosing from a variety of locks produced by any reputable manufacturer. Strong materials. What’s the point of installing a security door if it’s made of cheap metal or flimsy wood? Intruders can easily break it apart and gain entry. Steel is one of the essential materials you should use for your security door. You can combine the steel with other materials, including heavy, richly colored wood. We can work with a wide range of designs made from unyielding substances. Furthermore, when we add peepholes or other features to your door, we make sure that they’re each designed properly. They won’t compromise the integrity of your door. Flexibility and options. When choosing a security door, you should be able to pick a design that conforms to the appearance of your home or business. With our variety of designs and our ability to customize our work, we can give you a door that’s both powerful and aesthetically pleasing. A security door doesn’t have to look like it was made with only security in mind. We also offer design features that give you greater flexibility with your doors. For example, we produce doors that come with interchangeable glass panels and screen panels. You don’t have to choose between purchasing a storm door or a screen door. One door can suit both purposes. Beyond security doors Other products we fabricate include gatesfences, railings, and window guards. We can help you improve security throughout your entire property. Window guards keep your children and pets more secure. Sturdy railings on stairwells decrease the chances that someone will sustain an injury after slipping. Gates and fences serve as additional deterrents for intruders and any wild animals that may want to enter your property. New Mexico, for example, is full of coyotes that you don’t want hanging around your backyard. As with our security doors, we're able to customize each product for you and make sure it suits your taste. Without sacrificing your security, we can make different products look delicate and artistic to enhance the beauty of your home. Our products can increase the value of your property. Why should you call on our services?